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Jumat, 15 Mei 2015

Sport Bra for Runner

Finding the right sports bra is important to your physical health and comfort. Working out in the wrong sports bra can cause discomfort and permanent damage. Check out the breast motion chart to see the difference in movement between supported and unsupported breasts

Unsupported breast and supported breast
Unsupported breast and supported breast

Wearing Sports Bra for Woman

Wearing a sports bra is essential for every woman who is active. Because breasts can move as much as 4 inches up and down as you run, depending on your size, you need all the support you can get to stay comfortable, and prevent wear and tear to the delicate skin near your chest. Even if your muscles near your chest are well defined, your breasts have no muscles, so one the skin is damaged, there is no return. Even if you have little to support, too much stretching on a regular basis, caused by bouncing or movement can result in sagging and shape loss. Sports bras are essentials for all sports, from low impact yoga, to high impact running.

Choose Best Sport Bra for Runner

Sport Bra for Runner
Sport Bra for Runner
So, how to choose the best bra for you? Virtually every sports bra works in one of two ways; compression or encapsulation. Compression bras do not have conventional cups. Instead, they have super-sleek stretch fabric, which hugs your bust close to your chest in order to minimize bounce. The typical compression bra is a pullover: You can either slip it over your head or step inside and pull it up. There's no hardware to chafe or dig. Encapsulation styles look more like regular bras. They have separate molded cups, which support your bust from beneath. They're designed to contour your curves, for a naturally shapely look. Ideally your wardrobe should include both types of sports bras. For medium-impact workouts, you'll want at least one compression style. And, for high to maximum activity, you'll want several encapsulation bras.

After you find the perfect sports bra, don't hold onto it forever! You should replace sports bras after about 72 washes, when the elasticity is lost, or if your weight changes significantly. You can air dry sports bras to prolong the life of the moisture-wicking fabrics.

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