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Selasa, 23 Juni 2015

Backless with Extender Bra

Bra extenders are small, rectangular pieces of fabric which attach to the existing hooks and eyes on the back of your bra. By fitting this small piece of fabric on to your bra, you can increase the circumference of the under bust measurement of your bra by several inches. In fact, there is no reason why you couldn't attach several bra extenders together, significantly increasing the "number" part of the size of your bra

Extender helps you for backless dress
Extender helps you for backless dress
It is important for women to know the different types of bra extenders and the times of life when a bra extender may be most useful. For womens, a bra extender may come to be more than just a temporary accessory but something she wears on a daily basis. Bra extenders are a great way to get a longer life out of bras that have become too tight through the band. With the right information, women can make an educated choice about whether or not to buy and wear a backless bra with extender :

Weight Fluctuations

Bra Extender Converter
Bra Extender Converter
Changes in weight can cause the width of your back to increase, as can the hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or water retention before and during your period. If you use bra extenders, there may be no need to buy special "period bras" nor to keep buying new maternity bras during pregnancy. For this reason, you might wish to buy a tighter nursing bra, and invest in some bra extenders to make things more comfortable whilst you are still feeling a little bigger.

For Scoop Back Dress

Backless or low-cut dresses may be stylish and sultry, but no matter how pretty your bra, a band poking out from that plunging back will drag your sex appeal down. Don't give up on sporting a scoop-back style -- strap on a foundation garment enhancement that will keep everything contained without showing the room what you keep beneath your clothes. These are a great way to make a normal bra into a low back. A bra extender can come in your choice. 

How to use straps with extender converter
How to use straps with extender converter 
This types of low back bra more supportive and able to go lower than a standard convertible bra. It’s also great because you can use it on bras you already own, if you are someone who has trouble finding bras that fit well then this is a great option for you - wear you sexy low back dress with your favourite bra. Thanks to the Low Back Bra Extender which allows you to have your straps on for a completely sexy look

For Scoop back - great optional styles use extender bra
For Scoop back - great optional styles use extender bra
  • if you are pulling it down quite low the largest setting on the fastening may not be enough, you can use a bra extender to give it extra room to be pulled down lower
  • You can cross the strap over on your back, this can feel more supportive than if it goes straight to the side and across the front
  • Sometimes the strap across the front can cause bulging on your stomach. If this is happening and it will show through in what you are wearing put high-waisted control top panties over the top and this will smooth things out
  • If the bra is likely to peak out as you move, use pieces of fashion tape to stick your clothes to the bra
  • This may seem obvious but it’s easy to forget, if you are wearing it with two shoulder straps make sure you loosen them before putting it on
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