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Rabu, 27 April 2016

Bra Solution for Backless Dress

Having a party and wearing a backless dress for woman will always awesome. But it will be a totally just a worth when your bra line exposed. The solution is, choosing the right bra. And this is kind of bra which can be used when you wear a backless dress :

1. Backless Adhesive Bra

Backless adhesive bra is recommended for women with small or medium size bust. It not only provides a naturally seamless fit but also all day comfort thanks to its cotton fabric.

2. Stick on Bra Cups

Stick on bra cups work best for women with small sized busts. There are two individual silicon stick on cups which can be used up to 5 times for subtle lift and protection.

3. Silicone Stick on Bra

Women having A, B and shallow C cup sizes can try silicone stick on bra. This bra is perfect for strapless/backless outfits. It features self adhesive silicone for comfort & natural shape and front closure for lift & cleavage respectively.

4. Low Back Bra

Low-back bra offers great support and coverage to your chest. It is the best option for women with bigger bust. The promise low-back bra comes with strap that you can wrap in multiple ways: normal way, halter or cross-back.

5. U Plunge Backless Strapless Bra

U plunge backless bra is must have bra for every trend savvy woman. It is adorned with attachable straps, u-shaped plunging neckline and contour cups with under-wire support.

6. Lace Backless Strapless Bra

Wear all those backless outfits comfortably with this lightweight underwire backless underwire bra from the house of Fashion Forms. It features floral lace and silicone cups with medical-grade adhesive that regenerates after each washing.

7.  Satin Adhesive Breast Petals/ Pasties

Petals/pasties are recommended for women with small bust, who are more concerned about coverage rather than support. Breast Petals lift your bust and at the same time protect against oops moments due to a draft or chill.

8.  Breast Lift Tape

This transparent and waterproof breast lift tape provides beautiful shape and full support to your bust without wearing a bra. It works best for A to D cup sizes but women with larger cups sizes can use it as an additional support. It’s one-time use product. Breast lift tape bras are mostly waterproof so you can easily wear it with bikinies and swimsuits.

There are some choices bra for a backless dress. Use which one is the most comfortable for your breast and also suitable with your dress. Happy choosing :)

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